Marketing + Communication

The Office of Marketing and Communication (OMC) supports all of campus, managing and sharing information about Hastings College across all types of media and audiences. We prepare and distribute information about the College and students to news media; produce College publications, including HC Today; create letterhead and business cards; manage; produce recruiting and other videos; manage marketing campaigns; operate the College's official social media handles; and more.

OMC uses a help desk ticketing system (find it here), but you are always welcome to stop by our office in Gray Center (Room 130) or contact anyone on our team for support (see below).

Have a Story to Tell or Event to Promote?

If you have a campus event to promote, we can help write and share news releases. We also post campus releases in the media section of the website and often share them via social media.

For events media may cover, complete a ticket or email Reporters prefer to receive news releases 10-14 days in advance, so it is best to reach out to us three or more weeks out — but we understand sometimes that is not possible and will do our best to get the message out and work with media.

Posters/Flyers: Our interns and the Center for Applied Media Arts can help create posters/flyers for your event.

For student and alumni success stories, please complete a ticket and include details as to why the person should be highlighted and other background that may be helpful. We will follow up with you and keep you informed as to the status of your story idea.

Logos and Brand Guide

Hastings College logos and our brand guide can be found here ».

The Hastings College crimson color can vary in electronic/digital uses (computers, TVs, phones). To help solve this, we use a hex code (#990000) for our crimson in these digital uses.

Logos for electronic/digital use are marked "web" in the above link. Let us know if you need a logo for digital/electronic use that is not included.

Questions about logo use? Need approval for apparel or flyers? Concerned your crimson t-shirts may not be crimson? Open a ticket or contact us (see below).

Business Cards, Nameplates, Name Badges, Envelopes

To order business cards, click here.

To order nameplates for your desk and/or door, click here.

To order a name badge, click here.

To order envelopes, click here.

PowerPoint Template, Website Links and More

Find a downloadable PowerPoint template (right click to download), shortlinks for and a collection of Twitter handles here.

HC Letterhead Template (Microsoft Word .dotx file)

For HC letterhead you can download, edit and print or save as a .pdf for email, click here.

NOTE: Right click and download the .dotx file. Double clicking may convert it to a Google doc.

HC Letterhead (Google doc)

For a Google doc file of HC letterhead, click here. Be sure to COPY the doc to your Google drive.

Email Signatures

For an email signature you can copy+paste then edit in Google mail, click here.

Center for Applied Media Arts

OMC partners with the Center for Applied Media Arts (CAMA) to engage students with applicable and professional multimedia experience — including providing experiences in photography, design, video, broadcasting, livestreaming, social media and other projects. OMC tips projects to CAMA when possible, and works with CAMA students to produce quality work. CAMA is housed in the Gray Center and functions within the Department of Visual Arts.

Work for CAMA students can be submitted through the CAMA website or the OMC Helpdesk system.

How Can We Help? (Helpdesk)

To help us keep track of projects, we utilize a helpdesk system.

Through this helpdesk you can submit everything from logo requests to website edits to social media requests to success story ideas to graphic design support.

Our Team

You'll find OMC in Gray Center, Room 130.

You can also reach out to individuals below, open a helpdesk ticket or schedule a meeting via Google calendar.

Michael Howie, Director of Marketing

(o) 402.461.7743

(m) 402.984.9408

Jeniffer Beahm, Communications Manager

(o) 402.461.7757

(m) 402.705.1656

Camille Kastl, Designer/Publisher

(o) 402.461.7439

Ross Struss, Communications Coordinator

(o) 402.461.7433