CCC/UNO Programs

Changing Your Schedule

Students who are eligible for taking courses at our partnership institutions will meet the following criteria:

1. Students who have declared (with the Registrar’s office) a major/minor taught by the partner

institution OR have permission from the Academic Affairs Office to take a course

  1. Students in a declared major/minor must be in good academic standing; or

  2. Students who are taking elective courses:

    1. Must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher

    2. Must have completed at least 32 credits at Hastings College

    3. Apply to take courses. Applications are available through the Registrar’s office.

2. Students must be full time at Hastings College, taking at least 12 credits in the semester. Students

who fall below this threshold will automatically be dropped from the courses at other institutions.

3. Maximum allowable credits in a term are not to exceed 18 credits as a combination of Hastings

College and cooperative program credits. If 18 credits are exceeded, Hastings College overload fees

will apply.

To make changes to your schedule after the beginning of the term you need to fill out a Drop/Add form. (Self Service registration is not available after a term starts.) There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. You can print the form at the link below, fill it out, then have it signed by your advisor and return it to the Registrar's office during regular business hours.

  2. If you want to complete this remotely you need to

    • Fill out the Drop/Add form.

    • Email it, as an attachment, to, your advisor, and the instructor (if needed) so they can approve the change.
      (If you wish to add a course once the block has started you will need instructor permission as well as your advisor's.)

    • Once we receive your advisor's approval we will make the change.