Financial Aid Information for Current Students

Important Financial Aid Information for the 2023-2024 School Year

Information about your Financial Aid Offer

Information for Students Experiencing Financial Need

Scholarship Replacement

Cost of Attendance (COA) - Budget Appeal

Satisfactory Academic Appeal Form-For Federal Financial Aid Suspension

How do Summer classes and Summer financial aid work?

How do I renew my financial aid for the next school year?

Students returning to Hastings College will have their institutional merit and need grants renewed automatically. Talent scholarships and departmental scholarships will be renewed as long as students are meeting the requirements.

 Students no longer wishing to participate in their talent area can apply for scholarship replacement funds

 Federal financial aid can only be renewed by completing an updated FAFSA for the upcoming award year.

Hastings College has limited funding for supplemental federal grants, federal work study and state grants. For best consideration, students should have their financial aid file completed before May 1.

Students with a completed financial aid file will receive their financial aid offer notification no later than May 1st for the upcoming year.

I have scholarships that I'm receiving from outside organization-how do I add these to my financial aid?

Students can complete our outside scholarship form and your financial aid counselor will add these to your award. You will be sent notification via email when you have a revised financial aid offer in your financial aid self-service. The form is also available in your financial aid self service. Note-for all scholarships $500 or more, they will be split evenly between fall and spring semesters, unless specified differently by the organization. 

Can I notify the Financial Aid Office about how I will be paying the balance? 

Students can complete our payment form at any time before the beginning of the school year.  By selecting one of the options, it helps the Financial Aid and HC Student Accounts Offices help communicate with you about your next steps. For example, if you select Parent PLUS loan, the Financial Aid Office will send you instructions for how to apply for a PLUS loan.  

My parent borrowed a PLUS loan for this school year, do they need to apply every year?

Yes-they do need to apply every year, however, if the same parent is going to borrow the PLUS loan, they do not have to complete another master promissory note, just the PLUS application.  Before applying, be sure you have filed an updated FAFSA for that particular school year.

My parent was denied the PLUS loan this school year and I accepted additional unsubsidized student loan eligibility-how do I renew this for the next school year?

Just like each year you need to complete a FAFSA, each year the parent must first apply for the PLUS loan. If they are once again denied, the Financial Aid Office will notify you via email that you have a revised financial aid offer to view in Financial Aid Self-Service.